fear of death
salesman of all time
of nonsense


The boiler blew up at the Stephensons.
He then built them outside – and better ones.
He scared all the crickets,
and collected tickets –
his engine weighed more than his seven sons.

Várkonyi Miklós eredeti ötlete nyomán

A frog’s daydream

wish I had pants – with a fly –
or wings, and fly to the sky,
if I was a king,
princess’ magi-thing…
okay… just catch me a fly

ha a szív szava, vágya vezet,
ide szárnyam, eget, s hegyeket!
üde csók, ami jár
s leszek újra király…
de ma elkapom ezt a legyet

Plusz, mínusz

once there was a bloke called Dreyfus –
with just two feet, kein Dreifuss –
he lived happily
married Emily
then life sent loves with a typhus

Dezsőt elütötte a síbusz
s dadogta, szuper-la-la-tívusz
bo-bo-boldogan élt
ki se tudta nevét
amig el-te-temette a tífusz


give me a kiss, one you'll never miss, my eye-appetizer
give me a hug, I'm not givin' up, don't tell me 'be wiser'
young, silly wind, don't blow her away now, I'd never find her
send me a glance that gives me a chance, and I'll be the fighter

addsza a csókot, s röppen a bókod, szem-süteményem
ölbe ha kapnál, mennybe ragadnál, kis tünemény, el
szél, ne lapozd el a könyvem s arcot az őszi regényben
harcolok én, ha szemed tüze kér, de ne játssz a reménnyel

One day

in the rear-view life is terse
moment's love to brood about
one day at a time traverse
time is but a roundabout

my part in the universe
toothpick, not the center beam
just forget my puny verse
one day I'll have never been